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Last Wednesday – will I ever forget?

It’s a new day. My thoughts are cooler than yesterday. My gut is not as twisted and irritated as either. What a difference a day can make. I wont be able to forget the text hubs sent to me and the power it had over myself.

“Holy shit, somebody robbed the house while I was at the store.”

That was the text I did not read because of work. I was so busy at the office and in the middle of a meeting when 20 minutes later I pick up my desk phone and got the whole story.

My heart and my chest were full with an unknown pressure. I yelled, I paused and I blamed. I was so angry.

Who had the right to do such thing to us? Who had the right to trespass our property, the area where my kid plays, the place where I cook, the room where I sleep in, so that they can touch, throw, select, and remove from my property? Who?

As the hubs kept with his story he felt guilty because this is the first time he did not turn on the house alarm. We pay $90 a month to ADT and while I understand it won’t tackle down the rubber, at least it will scare the shit out of whoever gets in. I still blamed him. I just couldn’t think straight, you know?.

I had a combination of emotions that overclouded my most main priority: the good and wellness of my loved ones.

They were okay. Everything happened when we were not home. Thank the infinite cosmos and whatever good karma I have been building upon on.

Thank daddy God for not letting all this happen in our sleep either.

My heart build up with joy again and realized my breathing seemed to be getting better.

Tulips at Queen Elizabeth Park always the attraction in the Summer.

After the kid went to sleep, we went through each room and made the assessment of what was taken.
We sent it to the insurance company in hopes that it doesn’t take too long or becomes a complex burocracy task. The lists goes like this:
  1. Hubs Macbook laptop (and any cable attached to it like earphones, mouse and iphone charger)
  2. My Dell XPS 1330 laptop and mouse
  3. My DSLR – Nikon D90
  4. My 3 lenses – Nikkor 50mm, Nikkor 18-55mm, Nikkor 55-200mm
  5. My flash – Nikon SB700
  6. My jewlery box – which contained 85% fantasy crap and maybe three brand name pieces, all replaceable and with no sentimental value. Maybe $200 for the content. 
All and all everything is to be replaceable, but nobody likes to go with the after-sweet of having someone uninvited snooping around your home and taking what wasn’t theirs to take. It’s not just material things that let you hurt about, it’s also the thought that your sanctuary has been molested and that makes you want to hit back, and very hard.

Now for ALL of you, please review or reconsider the value of home insurance:

Tonight, make a list of all your valuables. Include all serial numbers for electronics. Make a plan for what you would do if you suddenly were without them. If you have insurance, provide a copy of the list to your insurance company. Tonight.

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