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Frozen Crown Princess Vancouver Birthday Parties

Our Frozen Inspired Birthday Party

Christmas is the perfect season for a Frozen inspired Birthday party. Yes, I caved. I wasn't too crazy for the movie, but my child likes it, so when I asked her to choose between Rapunzel, Queen Elsa or Sleeping Beauty for her birthday … [Read More...]

While they are little

Dealing With A Broken Heart

Last week my heart got broken by a 7 year old girl who lives two houses away from mine. I knew it would eventually happen, but not this fast. Ever since the weather in Vancouver got 'warm' I experimented letting Milla go outside our … [Read More...]


When In Doubt, Do Not Yell

In the history of my life in Canada, maybe only one time I needed to use a public phone. Somehow my phone ran out of battery and to my luck, when I tried to find good in humanity, I was reminded there is not such thing as sympathy in … [Read More...]

Zucchini and corn

Zucchini And Corn: Delicious Mexican Sidedish

Welcome to another #WhyFakeItJustMakeIt edition – where we meet to share our stories around food, our successful recipe (or disaster) or that life-saver cooking tip. It goes without saying we are all encouraged to visit each other’s posts … [Read More...]