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Deer Lake Park BC

Technically Incorrect, But I Still Like It

I'm super critical when it comes to my pictures. Composition, lighting, technique and most of this criticism is negative. I was considering tossing the first picture because it didn't meet my "standards", but for just a moment I put my … [Read More...]


Capirotada, Mexican Bread Pudding

Last week I had this craving for Capirotada - which is a traditional bread pudding dessert in Easter or Semana Santa in México. I remember my family always making this dish out of 3 days old white bread, bananas (cheapest fruit available), … [Read More...]

Science World

Photography Can Be Relaxing

The past two weeks have been intense. My kid got sick with the flu, then my husband got sick too. Sneeze, cough, sneeze, cough. To top it all up work has been stressful, fun, but stressful with deadlines and all things grown-up … [Read More...]


Yes, I Go To The Light!

Neither me or my husband can't believe what am about to say but, we are a happy and complete Apple family. I am not sure if I would ever turn away from Apple now. I'm getting pickier wiser as I grow older (but I think is mostly since budget … [Read More...]