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While they are little

Dealing With A Broken Heart

Last week my heart got broken by a 7 year old girl who lives two houses away from mine. I knew it would eventually happen, but not this fast. Ever since the weather in Vancouver got 'warm' I experimented letting Milla go outside our … [Read More...]


When In Doubt, Do Not Yell

In the history of my life in Canada, maybe only one time I needed to use a public phone. Somehow my phone ran out of battery and to my luck, when I tried to find good in humanity, I was reminded there is not such thing as sympathy in … [Read More...]

Zucchini and corn

Zucchini And Corn: Delicious Mexican Sidedish

Welcome to another #WhyFakeItJustMakeIt edition – where we meet to share our stories around food, our successful recipe (or disaster) or that life-saver cooking tip. It goes without saying we are all encouraged to visit each other’s posts … [Read More...]


Easy And Frugal Ideas To Stay Fit

Living in Vancouver, rain city, has its challenges. Aside from career and housing, being active has been the third on my list. Coming from a dry and hot environment has made me appreciate, to a very minimum, the humidity and cold this … [Read More...]