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Before I rant about my poor blogging quality, let me tell you that I am being paraded overseas. You read right! I’m in Malaysia today (or yesterday). Germaine from Kiddothings is so kind for having me in her site to talk about some image tips. If you want to find out what I came up with during my lunch breaks (plural) at work, go over to her site right now and check it out.

Now, going back to my rant:

I have not been blogging or being around the blogging world in a while. I have said it before and I say it again, real work sucks ha ha ha

I enjoy my job, I do. I like what I do and how I do it. But, I love the blog world more.

I love my house, I do. I like cleaning it and even more when I organize things. But, I love the blog world more.

I love my cooking, I do. I like getting inspired at the grocery shop and how I can make a delicious meal out of few ingredients. But, I love the blog world more.

I get so tired by the end of the day that I am getting concerned about my safety. Being tired around knives, heated devices, or any other electrical hazard is just not safe for this mentally and physically tired mama.

But you still don’t get what I say? Here is an overview of a regular day for this career mama. If all conditions remain ideal, pretty much this is what it looks like. And yet, I can’t seem to find time and energy to blog, not even during lunch time. That time is already dedicated for my brain to unplug.

Don’t forget to visit me over at Kiddothings. Hopefully you have the time to read, comment and  retweet. I’m so jealous!

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