Twitter is evil

Let me start by saying that I believe in good and bad in this world, so when I place Twitter under the category of “bad” I understand that others might to it under the category of “good” as well.

Since I am brand new – ahem – by being born in 1979, I did not live the euphoria when the telegraph first came out nor the first telephone, only my grandmother could tell me about the first television. Something along this line I heard a lot from her “those were evil inventions”. Of course, that was always followed by a “why?” from the little ones.

In her opinion, as power income was evolving in society and facilitating the purchase of stuff that they didn’t need led it to settle or confinement. Of course, she was able to see the technological advances good side, but like with everything that is invented that gives some kind of enjoyment or fun to the world, this can be taken to another level: vice. So, yes, she wasn’t keen on seeing my uncles and aunts glued to the telephone to stay updated with friends or extended family just for kicks. And even regretted the subscription when they started dating, non-stop conversation which led to many missed calls – remind you, there was no waiting call back then.

Another of her usual rants was the invention of TV. God, did she get mad when my nieces and nephews were glued to the sofa? TV was evil. Technology advances are evil.

So I couldn’t help but wonder, was my grandma right?

I am not a heavy user of the social media. At least not lately ever since I became a mother. But, I suck at other stuff other than Facebook. Because I feel that I don’t need to be 24/7 to be updated with the feeds, lots of it due to its privacy, it is easier for me to feel lighter or better, that I am able to keep up with the load. I can actually step away and catch up fast at any given point. And the mobile version is a blessing. So, FB is in my “good” list.

Twitter on the other hand, I can’t still figure out how the heck other’s manage to do it. I have the mobile app, which stresses me up because ALL the amount of content am not able to really appreciate in a tiny screen. So, I don’t use it a lot.

I have HootSuite too. I thought that will help me manage better the streams and/or other stuff. So far, visually, it’s not doing it for me. I have just taken full advantage of the scheduling of some tweets, but I struggle there too. Some of the names don’t get populated after “@” so I have to manually go the the original Twitter account (lame), type them there and then paste them in the other one. Seriously, working double.

And to add a twist to this, I spend almost half of my day catching up (when I get some me time, of course). I tried to do the whole “list thingy”, but it’s seriously lame for me to go to other tab to segregate unwanted feeds. I understand the concept of Twitter, but I just feel I don’t have the capacity to cope with it. I feel worn out when I log off and I feel unproductive – in the real world and in Twitterland.

So here it’s my rant, here is my jealousy and here is my advice, stay away from Twitter – it’s evil. Unless someone clearly explains to me what I’m doing wrong, I’ll keep thinking that I am set up for a real work out in the cyber space when I log IN again.

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