Three Year Olds Are Not As Bad As They Say. 3 Is My New Lucky Number

I only have 1 child. One. Uno. And, I must confess there were times I found myself sweating it or feeling bad about my parenting.

Before she was 1 year old, I felt the need to get her into a sleep schedule, I wasn’t a nazi about it, but I tried to stick to the routine. While that kept me sane for allowing me to have my arms back, it also drove me insane for limiting my lifestyle. The irony.

Around her first year, my mom was here and she looked after her (thank you mom). She confirmed my kid was very energetic (I thought it was me and my first-time-being-a-mom perception) and one day while under my watch, my kid jumped from sofa to sofa and chipped one of her front teeth. She was only 1! As a mom, I feared the worse for her future already.

When she turned 2, routines changed. She joined daycare and my worry increased when anxiety overwhelmed my child. Brain leaps occurred and tantrum episodes made their appearances too. The feeling was like being in a mild-to-medium roller-coaster ride and I don’t like roller-coasters. It wasn’t until the last months of this age that I said to myself “so this is what people mean by terrible twos, huh?”.

Then she turned 3, and despite all the fears of managing and educating my kid, we had a pleasantly trip to México, just the two of us. And it has been a honeymoon stage ever since…

…like the time she tried reading the alphabet at bed time and I couldn’t stop laughing at what it sounded to be the cutest relationship between the pictures and the letters.  


…like the time she tried to put her socks on, all on her own, and I had no idea at what I was laughing more the most – the upside down sock or the toe peaking out through the other sock. Dilema.


… or like when she wants to sit by my side on the couch and due to her contortions I end up being kicked out to the other sofa.


… or like the time when she found her baby bib (husband was supposed to put those items in storage, but let’s not go there). Not only did she put the bib on, she also took a selfie with my iPhone. A 3yo already in selfie mode …Despicable!


Please don’t let this stage come to an end!

But similar to a ray of sunshine in Vancouver, these precious moments I must suck on, admire and enjoy to the fullest. Because God knows that similar to Vitamin D I also need my daily dosis of these fantastic experiences.

I think 3 is my lucky number!

If you have kids, at which age did your kid(s) started to become funnier and easier to handle? What’s your lucky number?


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    3 was horrible for us!! Oh my gosh… I don’t even know how my son survived that year, he was like another creature that displaced our normally pleasant and easy going and OBEYING son. And the other two followed suit: so we skipped the Terrible Two’s in my house and instead had the Terrifying and Tumultuous 3s!
    But, 4 is awesome. I love that age. There are still tantrums and crying – but they do get a lot funnier and more fun.
    I found this is when their personalities really start to emerge. And then 5 just gets even better.

    My eldest is 9 now and I find that is a really cool age. He still wants his mama, but he is definitely more independent and able to care for himself than his younger sisters. He talks to me about school and his friends and I very aware that this may be the last few years he comes to me with such issues when the teen years strike. It’s really cool right now.
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    • says

      Yes. Potty training has been an on/off situation for us. At one point when she was 2, she was good for anything in the potty. Then she got sick and went back to square 1. She is not ready for going at night yet.
      One day, one day.

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    I’m glad that you’re feeling that way towards this age where your daughter’s at.
    Bless your heart and may she grow up to be loving and caring lady.

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    As always, a sweet and adorable post! I was smiling the whole way through. I remember tucking my 3 year old in one night, the night before he was a 4 year old, that moment it hit me, he will never be 3 again, I cried and realized right then that these moments move way too fast. I love how you are capturing all of the special times!
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