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Since I was a kid I had issues with my eyebrows, they were almost non-existent and very pale. Growing up, and not knowing any better, I spent a lot of my hard-earned money on make-up to fill in the empty areas and to better shape them. This was fun at first, and I definitely got better at it as I got to practice more, but ever since I became a mother who returned to work, time is something I have to carefully manage. Any improvement to my morning routine, anything that speeds up my workflow, is a blessing. That’s what 4 Angels Beauty Care was for me, a blessing. They showed me my eyebrows had hope, they showed me my life could be easier in the mornings.

Welcomed by Navkiran and Kulwinder, the owners of 4 Angels Beauty Care, you can tell all the love and care these lovely ladies have put into this comfy and cozy space as soon as you step into the place.

4 Angels Beauty Care

Like any of our amigas, they offered us some sweets at our arrival. We were in heaven already.

Kulwinder took a look at me and confirmed I was in need to get my eyebrows enhanced. I have to admit  my plan and interest was mostly around massages, but I trusted her and decided to hear more about it. She was so kind to go through all the differences between the permanent tatoo option vs the temporary tint they offer. Who knew there was an alternative to the painful permanent tatoo way? Because of my rational love to avoid unnecessary pain, permanent tatoo has never been an option for me, so there I’m spending 15 min every morning applying make up to fill in those gaps in my eyebrows.

I went for the Superb-brow tint and got explained the process for the application, 1 eyebrow at the time for 1 minute. Then, Kulwinder suggested to go for 1 additional minute and I followed her recommendation. The result was amazing. My eyebrows looked so natural and alive with the correct color tone. Good bye (at least for a month or two) to the eyebrow make-up.

4 Angels Beauty Care
4 Angels Beauty Care

Then as I was staring at myself in the mirror, still amazed by the power of my eye brows and the fact I will not be worried for the tedious task of applying make up in the morning, Kulwinder suggested to show me a secret: eyebrow hair removal with thread.

4 Angels Beauty Care

She proceeded to shape and clean the areas around my eyebrows, which I have to confess for being the first time going through this process it was a tiny weird and bothersome, but as she continued to do this my skin somehow tolerated the sensation. And OMIGOD! the results were beyond amazing. I’ve never dreamt of having such beautiful eyebrows. I could have easily cried with happiness.

Here I am with my friend Laura, from Mamas Latinas, who also got to experience this treat. Laura is currently hosting a giveaway for 4 lucky of her readers. Her blog is in Spanish.

Thank you Navkiran and Kulwinder, for allowing us to be invited to try  4 Angels Beauty Care. You are truly Angels.

We believe that all women are angels, who may not have the ability to fly but have the power and super strength to balance their work and family life perfectly. And because they selflessly take care of others, they never get time to pamper themselves. This is why we decided to create 4 Angels, where all angels are welcome to get pampered by our professionals. 4 Angels Beauty Care is here to escape the angels into a world of total comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. We present a luxurious experience because our angels truly deserve it. Our space is comfy and cozy so our angels can relax and feel like they are at home. Come in for a great lunch time boost or to freshen up from a long hectic day. We want to make sure our angels look and feel their best, as they continue to make things better for people around them. Come stressed and leave relaxed! 

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