How Old Is Too Old?

Calm down, I am talking about shoes here.

Friends compliment me on my shoes when I wear something different – I get it, working shoes are not always fun. Then, I justify my answer by saying my shoes are old. I just can’t take the compliment, I know.

They don’t believe me. They know they aren’t new, but … old?

Do you want to guess since when I have these pair of boots?

Rockport waterproof boots. Camel suede. Bought in 2005.

So I am back to my original question, ‘how old is too old’?
Is there like a IASS – International Age Standard for Shoes – kind of thing? 
With or without rule, I know my nice boots are old. 8 years people, 8 years! But looking as new as if I bought them last month. My Rockport boots never disappoint.
What’s the oldest pair of shoes you are still hanging to and are you still wearing them? 

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